Design and produce a quality PowerPoint presentation. Boost a presentation with elaborate transitions and animations. Adapt a slideshow to a target audience. Use presenter view efficiently.


Basic Windows and PowerPoint knowledge.


The different transition types

The different animation types

  • Entrance effects
  • Emphasis effects
  • Exit effects
  • Motion paths

Apply an animation effect

  • Cumulate multiple effects on the same object
  • Customize the animation effects
  • Use the animation pane
  • Copy an animation effect on another object

Play sounds and movies

  • Play in background
  • Play full screen

Preparing the slide show

  • Set up slide show:
    • Using timings
    • Play narrations
  • Configure an automatic slide show

Project slide show

  • Launch slide show
  • Cause scrolling animations or slides
  • Zoom into the slide
  • Laser pointer
  • Annotate a slide during slide show

Slide show control

  • The slide navigator
  • Reach a specific slide

Presenter view

  • Configure the presenter view

Custom shows

  • Adapt a slideshow to a target audience
    • Create and use de custom shows

Ergonomics for the presenter

  • Sections
  • Hidden slides and hidden objects
  • Hyperlinks
  • Action buttons

A few tips:

  • Using fonts and colours
  • Transitions and animations: recommendations and prohibitions
  • Automate and standardize presentations
  • Differences in design between a printed and a projected presentation

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