Managing incoming messages in an effective way. Use Outlook advanced functions for a better organisation.


Basic Outlook features: send and receive messages, organize the calendar and meetings, use tasks and a contacts list.


Modifying Views

  • Changing the standard Outlook views for more efficiency
  • Creating and using a custom view in your folders
  • The Conversation View
  • The People’s pane

Creating and managing categories

  • Using categories in any Outlook item
  • Grouping a folder (i.e. the emails) by categories


  • What do you have to plan in your calendar?
  • The Schedule View
  • Create a new calendar
  • Share your calendar
  • Send your calendar by mail


  • Create a meeting
  • Add/remove attendees/ resources to a meeting
  • Reply to a meeting invitation
  • Propose new time in a meeting invitation
  • Display the meeting tracking information
  • Cancel a meeting

Calendar groups

  • What is a Calendar group?
  • Create a Calendar group
  • Delete a Calendar group
  • Organize a meeting by inviting a Calendar group


  • What do you have to put in your task list?
  • How to assign tasks to one or more persons
  • Tracking the progress of a task
  • Set options for following up a task
  • Reply to a task request
  • Change an appointment or a note into a task

Efficiently managing incoming and outgoing messages

  • Create automatic rules for incoming or outgoing messages
  • Create Quick Steps to automatize redundant tasks
  • Create Quick Parts (reusable text blocs)
  • Define the mail sending options
  • Managing junk e-mails
  • Choose the new message arrival notification
  • Set the format of reply / forward messages
  • Apply conditional formatting to messages
  • Creating a message template

Efficiently researching any Outlook item

  • Combine a few search criteria
  • The advanced search options
  • Create a search folder


  • Modify a contact's Outlook business card


  • Create an archive folder
  • Manage an archive folder
  • Manage auto archive

Share or delegate a folder

  • Share an Outlook folder
  • Manage permissions
  • Grant an access to your mailbox or calendar (On Behalf Of)

Working with the other Office Programs

  • Exporting - Importing contacts
  • Sending an e-mail from Word, Excel or PowerPoint

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