Effective management of your mailbox using advanced options.


Know Windows environment.


Follow Up emails

  • Follow-up received emails
  • Manage the email reminder
  • Follow up emails for recipients

Use categories for a better email management

  • Apply one or more categories to an email
  • Rename a standard category
  • Create a category
  • Regroup messages by category

Automatize entering or outgoing emails using automatic rules

  • Create an automatic rule to move received emails depending of the sender, the subject, etc.
  • Apply an automatic rule for sent emails
  • Modify the settings of an automatic rule
  • Define in which order the automatic rules will be treated
  • Deactivate an automatic rule temporarily, or delete it

Change the default folder's view for more efficiency

  • Regroup the emails by sender, by size…etc. to better classify them
  • Use Conversation view to find the thread of an exchange of messages

The advanced search

  • Combine multiple search criteria
  • Create a search folder

Manage the mailbox quota

  • Show the mailbox quota
  • Tips and tricks for an efficient mailbox clean-up
  • Delete redundant emails
  • Set up an automatic archive (depending on your server settings)

Junk Email

  • Manage blocked senders
  • Manage approved senders
  • Change the protection level for junk email


  • Share the Inbox
  • Configure the permission levels
  • Grant an access to your Inbox to send emails "On Behalf of"
  • Open a shared mailbox

Good practices

  • How to end the workday with an empty Inbox?

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