Send and receive messages. Organize your calendar. Schedule tasks and manage a list of contacts.


Basic Windows knowledge.



  • The interface
  • Open and close Outlook 2016
  • Show / hide tooltips
  • The "Conversation" view
  • Change the folder order
  • View the folder list
  • Outlook Today
  • Preview the Calendar, the Contacts and the Tasks out of the Mail folder
  • The Tab "Tell me what you want to do"

Sending a message

  • Create and send a message
  • Recall / resend a message already sent
  • Define the importance and nature of a message
  • Follow up a message for the recipients
  • Send a message proposing a vote
  • Define the sending options
  • Attach a file
  • Insert an Outlook Item
  • Attach a recently used document
  • Read and Delivery receipt

Receiving a message

  • Reply or forward a message out of the reading pane
  • Mark messages as read or unread
  • Mark a message for follow up
  • Define the follow up options

Messaging: configuration

  • Select the default message format
  • Create one or more signatures
  • Automatically sign messages
  • Choose the notification for new messages
  • Define the Out of Office message (Automatic Replies)
  • Manage spam
  • Search an Outlook Item
  • Add RSS Feeds

Calendar generalities

  • Access the Calendar
  • The Calendar views
  • Reach a specific date
  • Go to the previous or next item
  • View multiple calendars
  • Previewing an appointment
  • Show the weather forecast

Calendar Elements

  • Create an appointment
  • Create an event
  • Convert a message to an appointment or event
  • Edit a Calendar Item
  • The new Free/Busy information: Working Elsewhere
  • Create recurrent items
  • Delete the recurrence
  • Manage the calendar reminders
  • Remove items from the Calendar

Printing the Calendar

  • The Calendar print options
  • Define page layout

Calendar: configuration

  • Define the working days and hours
  • Display the week number in the Date Navigator
  • Manage holidays

Contacts (People)

  • Access the Contacts folder
  • The People view
  • Create a contact
  • Search a contact
  • Print contacts
  • Create a contact group
  • Modify a contact group
  • Manage the different address books


  • Access the Tasks folder
  • The Tasks folder views
  • Create a task
  • Create a recurring task
  • Attach a file to a task


  • Access the Notes folder
  • Change the Outlook Notes views
  • Create and modify a note
  • Create a note from another Outlook item
  • View / edit a note
  • Forward a note to one or more recipients

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